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  • Unlocking Growth: Understanding Lifetime Capital Gains Exemption (LCGE) in Canada

    Introduction In the Canadian Tax landscape, the “Lifetime Capital Gains Exemption (LCGE)” stands out as a powerful tool for entrepreneurs and investors who put a great deal of effort into investing, growing and sustaining their businesses. This provision offers an Eligible individual an opportunity to shield a significant portion of capital gains from taxation when…

  • Benefits of Outsourcing Accounting and Related Functions

    There are several reasons why a business may choose to outsource their entire or portions of their accounting and Tax functions

  • Taxation on Sale of Real Estate by Non-Residents

    Selling real estate in Canada as a non-resident can be a bit more complicated than selling property as a resident. Here’s what non-residents need to know about selling real estate in Canada. Capital Gains Tax Non-residents who sell Canadian real estate are generally subject to Canadian capital gains tax. The capital gains tax is calculated…

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