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Having a Qualified and Reliable Accounting Team is an Integral Component of any Successful Business.

Our Services

A complete suite of Accounting and Tax solutions for your Business

Accounting & Bookkeeping

Accurate and timely record keeping of your business transactions is critical in measuring the success of your business and for the future planning and growth strategies that will take your business to the next level. It is also a key requirement in tax compliance and will allow you to respond to any inquiries from tax authorities related to your tax returns or remittances. Poor record-keeping of your transactions can result in disallowed deductions and penalties.

Financial Statements & Notice to Reader

Financial Statements represent a scorecard of your business. It is important that financial statements are reflecting a true picture of your business performance so you can make appropriate decisions. Financial Statements are also regularly requested by lenders, Suppliers and in some cases customers so they can get comfort over the viability of your business.

Part Time CFO/Controllership Services

We can provide on-premise Controllership services for your businesses. This may include oversight of on-prem Finance/Accounting staff, business case review and analysis and input into business plan Strategy.

Corporate Tax & Planning

Our Team will ensure your Tax Return are accurate and timely. Our approach to your tax filings is more than purely mechanical as we seek to utilize all available tax saving opportunities.

Sales Taxes (HST/QST/PST)

We can compile and file your Sales Tax Returns whether It is HST or provincial taxes such as Quebec QST or BC PST.

Individual Income Tax & Planning

Our Team will prepare and file your Personal Taxes electronically while taking advantage of all available credits and deductions to minimize your taxes. We also offer tax planning services that wil reduce your taxes payable now or in the future.

Non Resident Taxes

If you are a non resident and need to file taxes from income generated in Canada, we can file your return and minimize your withholding taxes which can be as high as 25% of gross receipts.

CRA Audit Management & Support

Our experts have several years of experience dealing with CRA. We can manage any Sales or Income Tax audits or other queries from CRA on your behalf.


ASA can manage your payroll and reduce the complexity of the payroll process. We have partnerships with the largest payroll services provider in Canada to make payroll processing extremely efficient.

Business Planning & Valuations

Whether you are planning for the future by building a budget or looking to exit the business, ASA can prepare Pro-formas of future performance and prepare a valuation of your business so you can get the right price as you look to exit the business.

We are also licensed Personal Property Appraisers . Your lender will often ask for a Personal Property Appraisal when you purchase a Business.

Business Registration/Incorporation

It is critical that you select the right legal form/structure for your business at the onset. Making changes at a later stage will be inefficient and costly. We can guide you on the most suitable structure based on your situation.

Business System Implementation & Design

We have experienced team members who can help workflow design and work with integrators to help implement Financials modules of ERP Systems such as Dynamics 365, Netsuite, Sage, Quickbooks etc.

Financing for Trucks, Business Equipment & Commercial Real Estate

ASA has access to various lenders that can help finance your short and long term needs whether the financing is to purchase Machinery & Equipment or Real Estate

Purchase, Sale and Lease of Commercial & Residential Real Estate Assets

Whether it is an investment or Principal residence, ASA can facilitate the entire process of purchasing or selling real estate. We will provide objective financial advice through-out the process whether you are building a real estate investment portfolio or looking to upgrade or downsize your Principal residence.

Real Estate Financing/Mortgages and Debt Consolidation

ASA has access to A and B lenders as well as Private Lenders who can finance your purchase of investment or principal residential real estate. ASA has solutions to consolidate your monthly debt payments into a single lower payment saving you in interest cost and helping you pay off your debts quicker.

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